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Isabel Prado interview on the psychology for golf.
Commonwealth Games 2022 Charlie Bowling Wrestling
British Powerlifting Championships
Training with Graham Hicks
Interview with Comedian Terry Alderton
Interview with Psychologist Anjula Mutanda Part 1
Interview with Psychologist Anjula Mutanda Part 2
ACT Sport Lifeline
Dealing with injury
Short Course on ACT in sport
Dealing with difficult thoughts
Choking in sport
Anxiety in sport
Psychological Flexibility
Why do I dream?
Challenge vs Threat States
Pre-Performance Routines
Yerkes-Dodson Law
Sunk-Cost Fallacy
Psychological Reactance
Hypnotherapy and sport performance
Psychology of being happy in your work

Naga Munchetty radio 5 live interview

A discussion around the psychological impact of injuries

Art Therapy for athletes



Terry Alderton
Sally Phillips
Frank Bruno
Toby Stephens
Sporty Spice Mel C
Russell Watson
Graham Hicks
Kimberlee Hicks
Richard Bacon’s Tennis Coach
The Big Breakfast
Dragon’s Den
TV Presenter
National Lottery
Diet Coke Commercial
Audi ‘ice tennis’ TV Commercial
Trevor McDonald
I played a posh parent in the Man Utd movie called ‘Believe. Theatre of Dreams’ 2014
I was the Val Kilmer lookalike for TopGun Film Premier
Stand up Comedy Set
Stand up Comedy Set