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Benefits of Meditation Meditation has become an increasingly popular practice among athletes over the past few decades. This journal will explore the benefits of meditation on sport performance, physical health, and mental health. Benefits of Meditation on Sport Performance1. Increases Focus and Concentration: Meditation can help athletes improve their focus and concentration. It enhances the […]

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Self-Help book with a twist. Humorous, serious and includes acceptance and commitment therapy.  Sleepwalk – Live in the Dream A 9-step Program of Self Destruction  Straddling both sides of the foul-line—over-educated psychologist on one side and hyper-competitive, fear-driven obsessive on the other—Stephen Renwick is an eminently qualified psychologist. He will not only guide you on

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Psychological well-being (Ryff, 1995)

Psychological well-being (Ryff, 1995) Psychological well-being was initially derived from several psychological perspectives including developmental, clinical and mental health. Developmental psychology provided guidance from life-span development which offers several descriptions of wellness and follows growth over the life course. This perspective includes the work of Erikson (1959) stages of psychological development, Buhler (1935) basic life

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